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We'd just like to say thank you for choosing to be part of our Colour Run team. We're delighted that you would like to join us this summer as we celebrate Staffordshire Wildlife Trust's 50th Anniversary. What better way to celebrate a special anniversary than fun, meeting new people, taking in the wonder of a stunning location and supporting the Trust by joining in, and of course, raising loads of money to help their fantastic work!

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Join our team today! Sign-up below and this confirms your interest to receive a Team Croft offer. The larger our team the more money you can save. The normal entry price is £25, but if we can gather a team of 20 or more you’ll receive a 30% discount. When we’ve reached our target of 20, we’ll send you an email to notify you and to provide details of how to obtain the offer.

We're really looking forward to notifying you very soon about how our team is growing.

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